A few months ago, I was struck by a video on Instagram in which a 13-year-old girl recounted how she had been discriminated by one of her classmates for being of Asian descent.

What came after that story was, for me, a recharge of hope: a group of young people, through their music, sent a powerful message not only to the classmate but to the whole world.

The Linda Lindas is a post-punk band made up by Bela Salazar (16 years old), Eloise Wong (13 years old), Lucia de la Garza (14 years old), and Mila de la Garza (10…

Currently, the panorama for women’s overlook is very far from the concept of empowerment defined by various authors, who point guide it towards freedom of action and choice.

And this happens because there are factors that limit their decision-making ability power and, consequently, their leadership in the business field environment.

The latter is essential given that, to advance faster within modern societies, there must be female representation in leadership positions in the workplace within companies, understanding that women’s empowerment is an engine for of development.

Although we couldn’t say that there hasn’t been no progress in the matter and we’ve…

Knowing that the new generations have references and role models that are synonyms of discipline, professionalism and dedication will always be a reason to be proud of.

When it comes to women, the merit of standing out in areas traditionally assigned to men is more significant. In a society marked by extreme gender inequalities, reaching the top means overcoming more obstacles.

And the sports’ field is no exception; Mexican sportswomen who, against all odds, have managed to place themselves in the elite world of their disciplines, have also left incredible achievements written in the history of Mexican sports.

Sportswomen such…

Why are there no women in Formula 1?

A time ago, I heard one of the most important and influential men in Formula 1 say that women should not be taken seriously in this sport. He justified his argument by saying that women not physically capable of driving Formula 1 cars.

The truth is that a driver of the highest level in motorsports must undergo very demanding endurance and strength training. It is also true that discipline and talent are vital to compete and win such a championship.

These abilities are not exclusive to men. …

Angélica Fuentes joins the Board of Directors of the National Latin American Museum

Washington, July 9.- The weight that the Latino community has changed in the last ten years in the United States, both in public life and in electoral decisions, has given way to the emergence of various initiatives to highlight the contributions that Icons, pioneers and Latin figures have contributed to the culture and lifestyle of that country.

In that sense, one of the most outstanding is the initiative that The National Museum of the American Latino proposed in 2004 and that in 2008 it became law. …

Technology is advancing at an impressive rate, and so is its impact on society. Modern technology influences every single aspect of the world including politics, social movements, education, health, business…the list is endless. This new horizon has become a necessity; we use technology for basically everything. Technology represents an amazing opportunity for accelerating certain processes, including women empowerment.

Around 42% of the world’s population now has access to internet, and 28% of those people connected to the internet are using social media. There are around 2.4 million computers, tablets and smartphones being used around the world, and numbers keep on…

Gender equality is also a personal goal to achieve. There is a lot that we can do in a domestic sphere. Our efforts should follow a common goal: to fight against cultural prejudice, misogynistic attitudes and archaic gender roles which limit sustainable development.

I am convinced that true change lies within each one of us. Change will come through the sort of education that we pass on to our children, who feed from our example. We need to show others our commitment towards promoting respect, justice and equality in every space in which we participate in. These values should be…

All forms of violence against woman are a violation of human rights. It’s shocking to know that it is still a common practice in 2019, as more than 70% of women and girls suffer some form of gender-based violence at least once in their lives. The law that grants women access to a life without violence defines gender-based violence as any action or omission that causes pain or suffering to women in public or private domains. The most common types of violence against women are physical, psychological, sexual and economic. …

Life is about inspiring. A door that a successful woman opens is the path through which many more pass.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE for its acronym in Spanish), the sorority is “the relationship of solidarity between women, especially in the fight for their empowerment.” Two years ago, RAE decided to include the word within its vocabulary.

On the other side, fraternity’s masculine word had its appearance in the RAE in 1732.

Why has a word with so much power been in the spotlight of our lives for so few years? Is sisterhood something new?

Sisterhood is found…

“What’s done to children, they will do to society.” This phrase by Karl Menninger reflects the importance of education in our future. It also allows us to reflect on one of the most complex decisions of this pandemic: when and how to start the school calendar? The fate of education is, to a large extent, the direction and face of what our planet will be. And in Mexico, we will inevitably continue to be linked to the power of television, a mean that has been bet on to bring educational content to millions of students.

Mexico’s case is unique in…

Angélica Fuentes

#madre, #empresaria y #defensora de los #derechos de la #mujer. Be more, to do more: for #life, #business, and #equality.

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