Angélica Fuentes joins the Board of Directors of the National Latin American Museum

Washington, July 9.- The weight that the Latino community has changed in the last ten years in the United States, both in public life and in electoral decisions, has given way to the emergence of various initiatives to highlight the contributions that Icons, pioneers and Latin figures have contributed to the culture and lifestyle of that country.

In that sense, one of the most outstanding is the initiative that The National Museum of the American Latino proposed in 2004 and that in 2008 it became law. The Mexican businesswoman Angélica Fuentes joined last June to create a Smithsonian Museum of Latinos in the United States.

As part of the accessions to the Board of Directors, it highlights that of the Mexican businesswoman Angélica Fuentes a reference in her country for being one of the pioneers in impact investments, as well as her work, trajectory, and activism in defense of rights of Women, as well as an advocate by female empowerment constantly.

On the incorporation of sources Téllez, FieldVerdi and Ramírez to the Board of Directors, Eduardo Rodríguez, president and Executive Director of FRIENDS, indicated that with the incorporation of “this dynamic trio of influential leaders and promoters of change will greatly contribute to our efforts to be made Reality The dream of many Americans, that is, that the history of Hispanic immigrants in the United States is counted on the larger scenario offered by our nation, the National Mall. “

“We are honored to have a group of consummated and well-equipped defenders who join our struggle, and I hope to take advantage of their experience as we move forward in the next phase of the defense of the long-awaited American Latin Museum of Smithsonian,” he said. For his part Lili Gil Valletta, president of the Board of Friends.

As part of the welcome letter sent to Angélica Fuentes, the Latin American Museum said it was “no doubt that by being part of the Board of Friends, it will mark a big difference by ensuring that our National Mall reflects a complete image of the History of The United States.

#madre, #empresaria y #defensora de los #derechos de la #mujer. Be more, to do more: for #life, #business, and #equality.

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Angelica Fuentes

#madre, #empresaria y #defensora de los #derechos de la #mujer. Be more, to do more: for #life, #business, and #equality.