Gender equality is also a personal goal to achieve. There is a lot that we can do in a domestic sphere. Our efforts should follow a common goal: to fight against cultural prejudice, misogynistic attitudes and archaic gender roles which limit sustainable development.

I am convinced that true change lies within each one of us. Change will come through the sort of education that we pass on to our children, who feed from our example. We need to show others our commitment towards promoting respect, justice and equality in every space in which we participate in. These values should be what hold us up when making difficult decisions in life. Feminism is a personal project that empowers and frees all people. You don’t have to do the extraordinary, you just have to do what is fair.

Keeping silent and remaining passive in the face of acts of discrimination against women is another form of endorsing them. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how we relate to one another and about how we respond to gender inequality in our daily lives. Small discriminative actions may at first seem simple and insignificant, but they limit the potential of women as agents of social change. Unfortunately, some discriminative elements in our culture have been normalized to the point of invisibility. Many forms of discrimination are socially acceptable and that does not mean that they are less harmful.

We should all be committed towards ensuring gender equality. Make it part of your new year’s resolution to get rid of damaging habits, such as the use of misogynistic language and jokes. There is another side of beauty which isn’t the one portrayed by the media, and masculinity can be redefined. Let’s raise our voices against injustice and reject sexist ads and publicity. Let’s try to identify the ways in which sexist behaviours affect our lives, so that we may take the first step towards changing daily attitudes that discriminate women.

Each and every voice can make a difference. Think of small things you can do to promote equality at home and in the workplace. Hearts and souls have no gender. Breaking off from restrictive gender roles will help anyone live their life to the fullest. Imagine a better world, let go of old archetypes, and vibrate with love, tolerance and, above all, respect for human rights.

Freedom resides in the power to be yourselves. Take a leap towards equality by working in solidarity with one another. Gender equality must be everyone´s cause. We must continue working in search of better conditions and opportunities for women, but perhaps more importantly, I propose we work within ourselves to overcome the obstacles that hamper women´s development. I encourage you to reflect upon what you are doing at home or at your workplace to promote gender equality. Everything starts within ourselves. Let us think about the ones who will come after us, so the society we leave them is more just. Let us never forget we have the power to change reality.

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