Lack of the Female representation limits Business Empowerment

Angelica Fuentes
3 min readAug 24, 2021

Currently, the panorama for women’s overlook is very far from the concept of empowerment defined by various authors, who point guide it towards freedom of action and choice.

And this happens because there are factors that limit their decision-making ability power and, consequently, their leadership in the business field environment.

The latter is essential given that, to advance faster within modern societies, there must be female representation in leadership positions in the workplace within companies, understanding that women’s empowerment is an engine for of development.

Although we couldn’t say that there hasn’t been no progress in the matter and we’ve have already come a long way in issues of gender equality, there is still a lot to do.

Women, supported by various organizations worldwide, are more aware of the importante relevance of female empowerment for the economy and society, so we have to continue promoting female inclusion in decision-making spaces and the business sphere.

What is happening in Mexico?

A sector area that reinforces female empowerment is lies in entrepreneurship.

Those women who start their own business undertake aim to become great business leaders, so it is essential to support initiatives that strengthen their development and foray into business creation and high-ranking positions.

In fact, even with the economic and social barriers faced by women in Latin America, Mexico is the second country in the region to offer the best conditions for women who venture into entrepreneurship, only below Chile; However, figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, for its initials in spanish) specify that for every 10 small to medium companies (SMEs) in the country, only three are led by a woman.

Ultimately, it is not enough to explicitly recognize equality as a basic fundamental principle; we need to create actual conditions of equity in the country that allow women to develop fully flourish.

The United States, incubator of successful businesswomen

While in Mexico female entrepreneurship has progressed slowly, progress in the field of female entrepreneurship is advancing at a slow pace. Beyond the northern border, women have not only managed to establish consolidate their startups ventures and be successful, but they have also attracted the attention of large companies, whose objective is to invest in or completely acquire buy these businesses.

This is the result of giving visibility to female entrepreneurship, which has also allowed this made it possible to become the vehicle for women to achieve their goals and dare to venture into fields areas that, at first sight glance, might seem complicated for them.

But, returning to what is happening in the United States, one of the cases that has resonated the most in recent weeks is that of actress Reese Witherspoon, who, after founding Hello Sunshine in 2016, a media and communication company focused on producing, supporting and distributing disseminating projects created exclusively by for women creators, has sold it was acquired for $ 900 million to by the private equity fund Blackstone and former Disney executives.

Should be noted that this type of cases are proof and sign that the feminine vision in business drives great excellent benefits both for both the economy as well as and society, but even more importantly, to generate support networks and sisterhood.

Carrying out a quick analysis of what happened with Hello Sunshine, what stands out the most is that it is a women’s business job in an industry where, historically, it has been difficult for us to stand out due to gender issues.

I have always said that the effort we make today will open the path so that, in the future, women of new generations have more significant opportunities for development and growth, as long as it is done together, jointly because the responsibility belongs to everyone.



Angelica Fuentes

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