Let’s encourage and live sisterhood

Angelica Fuentes
3 min readMay 11, 2021


Life is about inspiring. A door that a successful woman opens is the path through which many more pass.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE for its acronym in Spanish), the sorority is “the relationship of solidarity between women, especially in the fight for their empowerment.” Two years ago, RAE decided to include the word within its vocabulary.

On the other side, fraternity’s masculine word had its appearance in the RAE in 1732.

Why has a word with so much power been in the spotlight of our lives for so few years? Is sisterhood something new?

Sisterhood is found in nature since before human life. Plants like the monstera open holes in their leaves to let their smaller sisters receive the benefits that the jungle gives to the plants. It enables them to reach the light and continue growing. This is how this plant manages to reach up to 20 yards in height.

Like plants, some animals and insects would not exist if it weren’t for the work between females. Not only do bees live around a queen, but almost the entire population of bees depends on females.

They all work together as an army led by the matriarch to feed her and maintain her hive.

Nature has shown us the way. I can’t help but think that this kind of empathy, solicitude, care, and sisterhood must be present in our nature as women.

Currently, most societies live governed by the supposed and imposed authority of men. Patriarchy is a system of social organization that is unequal.

We women have decided to raise our voices to confront these stereotypes that have done so much damage to society and the construction of a more balanced future. Thanks to the example of thousands of women, the word sisterhood takes a representative tone in modern life.

Every day more women are opening the way where before the female presence did not figure. Today we are witnessing the achievements that women have achieved in politics, business, sports, technology, and even in places where we could never have imagined them, such as the military, such as the case of Usha Kiran.

We must promote sisterhood. Together we are dynamite.

It takes compassion and empathy, putting aside individuality. We have to be more modern women and understand that no one is more or less. We are who we are, and we walk the same path differently: each one must know that success is also triumphant for many.

Life is about inspiring others to wake up in your being. One door that a successful woman opens is the path that many more pass through.

Who else should seek our development, be it personal, family, professional? Who else but us?

I do not mean that we do not accept or provide help to our colleagues because we are not alone.

It is not a question of closing ourselves to what surrounds us. Empathy is not a question of gender. It is just that now, in the times in which we live, it is necessary to turn to see each other, take care of each other, procure and help each other.

Let us be like the leaf of a monstera so that when we are at the top, we always allow the light to pass so that another woman can receive it and grow. Let us work so that there is always another woman enabling the light to pass through her and reach us. Together we are stronger!



Angelica Fuentes

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